Roots At Robie’s Mission Statement 

We are Amber and Josh Enright, owners of Roots Café and Catering at Robie’s Country Store in Hooksett, NH.

Our mission when we opened our business was to bring new life into a well known historical landmark by providing farm to table dining and quality food and service.  We also wanted to provide a warm and welcoming space for local NH made crafts and foods.  We hoped that we would draw in tourists as well as our local friends in this community, as the Robie family had done before us for many, many years.

It has never been our intent to have any political motivation in moving to this location.  The history of the store reminds all who visit of this town’s community happenings, as well as it’s ties to political history.  The photos and memorabilia on the walls of Robie’s Country Store are not our property.  They were there when we got there and will be displayed as long as the historic board wishes as it states in our lease.

In the Summer of 2017, Joshua and Amber Enright hung a poster of President Obama in the store. It was a gift from a prominent community member and we hung it up because he was our last president. The poster was an addition to an already visible political space and hub in the community.  We hung it up because the poster symbolizes hope to us all and many who visit the space. Hope for the present, the past and the future of Robie’s and Roots.

We believe and always have that all are welcome, as did Dot and Lloyd Robie.  We believe that Robie’s will remain a campaign destination for all who wish to stop here and all parties are always welcome.  From the crowds of smiling faces on the weekends, the support of our customers, and the strength of our catering business, we think we have breathed new life into this location and invited diversity and hope for the present and the future.

We have three children who benefit from us running this business and we wish for them to carry it on when we are ready to pass it on to them.  We hope that we can continue to be here for you all, for us, our family, and the community for many years to come. We appreciate all the support we have received and continue to receive since the day we opened our doors. We thank you and could not be prouder and happier of Root’s at Robie’s. 

Thank you, Amber and Josh Enright.



ROOTS MISSION Continued:   To keep this historic location alive by offering Country Store items as well as introducing new vendors and menu ideas. We will change with the seasons and work with local farmers and craftsmen to ensure quality products that we can stand behind.  We wanted to bring back local produce, meats, arts, grains, and dairy, and promise to always find the freshest and most unique products available.  (Local sometimes more expensive than processed, preserved, and from other countries… just so we are on the same page!)

Local Vendors include:

North Country Smoke House: Claremont, NH  Maple Sausage links 

PT Farms: North Haverhill, NH ground beef, sausage patties, and ground pork

Farmland and Native Maine: Applewood smoked bacon, hormone free chicken, and Turkey

Page’s Sap House: Maple Syrup

Littleton Gristmill: Corn meal, wheat flour, and various grains

Breakfast Jams: Beaulieu’s Preserves and Laurel Hill Jams and Jellies, Manchester and Bedford, NH

Coffee: Java Tree Coffee, Manchester, NH

Pasta: Valicenti, Hollis, NH

Teas:  A&E, Amherst,NH

Milk and Cream: Hatchland, North Haverhill, NH

Fungus Farm:  Mushrooms, Bow, NH

Produce:  Lettuce and Spinach as of now comes directly from NH farms

and seasonal veggies supplied from various farms and ordered by Johnson’s Golden Harvest

Our catering and passion for helping and feeding people is the backbone of this venture.  We have a lot of connections so if we can’t provide you with whatever you need we will find it for you!   We will make your nightly meals, have your weekend supplies ready for your lakeside get-aways, and be there for you when you just want to sip coffee by the river.

Nothing is beyond our means so just ask… Weddings, graduations, baby showers, landscaping, in house chef prepared meals, room rentals…This is your place as much as it is ours.  Thank you and have a great rest of your week!

Love… Kelly, Brenna, JJ, Joshua, and Amber…